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Hi All, 

I am doing research for a book I have been writing but I think this will be fun to!!!! Please tell us your funny or
weird dating stories. Every time I bring this up with someone that has
been dating they have some to tell. The odd person they met on line, the
crazy date they went on, the strange person some fixed them up with,

Thank you all for joining in


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I found this post from way back.  It made me laugh because the person who posted says "Every time I bring this up with someone that has been dating they have some to tell."

Then he got no comments.

I guess the people here are too polite to 'kiss and tell'.

I haven't dated at all in a long time.  My SO and I go out, but we're way too comfortable to call it 'dating'.  I dated in college, but don't remember it being the greatest experience.  Mostly I just hung with friends.  I do remember a blind date.  We were both nervous, he was very good looking and seemed pretty cool, but he was trying to quit smoking so he had all his cigarettes bundled up and secured with rubber bands.  If he wanted a cigarette, he had to take off all the rubber bands unroll the handkerchief and take one out.  Then he had to roll it all up again.

He spent the whole evening rolling and unrolling that damn packet of smokes.

November 1993:  I was on a first date with a guy who owned a small farm.  At the end of the date he gave me two dozen eggs from his chickens.  That's when I fell in love.  This past January we've been married 16 years.  :)

Sweet story D. D.


I was in high school, a sophomore I think, hadn't been dating very long when I asked an attractive  girl  in my English class to a dance.  She had somewhat of a reputation for liking to "fool around."To my surprise she accepted without me twisting her arm. Like me she lived on a dairy farm...most of us did back then in that part of the country.

Not surprisingly she looked really nice when I picked her up for the dance, but the night took a turn for the worst during the first slow dance of the night......she smelled like she had just come from the dairy barn....looked good, felt good, smelled awful.I was so relieved when she started dancing a lot with a senior boy, who obviously had lost his sense of smell. I was even more relieved when towards the end of the night she asked me if I minded if he took her home, I said, "Oh shit no!!! Ya'll go right ahead. Leave now. Have fun. Don't let the door hit you in the ass. Roll the car windows down!!"

aaahhhh, the sweet smell of rejection.........

I won cash once in a "Worst Date" essay contest.
I won't bore you with the details, but I excused myself for a moment to go to the loo, what I actually did was call a taxi to take me home....

Why do I get the feeling those details wouldn't bore me at all?  Especially if they won a contest!

C'mon Quinn.

This story is not funny or weird.  Writing it down has made me realize how lucky I have been in my dating life.  This is only one of my great date stories.

The year I turned 20, a graduate student at my university who was an acquaintance through a large group of friends invited me out for my birthday several months in advance.  I was in awe of him because he was so much older (5 years!) and accomplished and so I accepted.  I was also intrigued that he wanted to celebrate my birthday with me.  Birthdays in my life had never been very important occasions for me growing up so I didn't have high expectations.

When the big day arrived, he prepared and served a special dinner for me, gave me a card (which I still have) and a gift, took me to the movies and then dessert later with mutual friends and then had me driven home by one of those friends who had a car.  I will never forget how special he made me feel during those few months leading up to and including our big date. He was funny, interesting, respectful, affectionate  and a total gentleman.

We never had another date.  What he wrote in the card told me what I needed to know about his unconditional admiration for me and his motives of appreciation.  We both continued our studies and remained friendly.  He got his degree and went on with his life and I married and went on with mine.

I read about him sometimes now in the newspapers because he is a respected humanitarian in his own country who had been imprisoned for his activities.  He is free now and enjoying his older years with his wife and children and his people.  He is still funny, interesting, respectful, affectionate and, from what I read, still a gentleman.

I am grateful that I knew him when.

That sounds like an amazing relationship  They don't all have to involve 'living happily ever after'.

Wow...I like that story.  

I tended to marry my dates and that didn't come out well.   Maybe I should have just  dated more.

OMG no!!!  That would have just led to more bad marriages!




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