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I'm pretty sure there was a time when what you said was what you meant. For example, if you said "I'll be there at 10oclock", you were actually there. If a politician said "This is a once time tax to pay for the new bridge.", they actually meant it was ONE TIME, not one time per year for the rest of your life. When a business offered a service and named the price, that was it. It wasn't that price PLUS, start up fees, activation fees, service fees, usage fees, non-usage fees, automatic (and unrequested) upgrade fees, etc, etc, etc.  My question is this; What do you suppose happend to the concept of saying what you mean and meaning what you say?

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Oh, you don't wanna go there.
Too late now...
:-] I'll stand on my own, thank you very much. You curmudgeons can have at it without my help....
Well, i guess it's back to the corner for me and a tart....
Uh, move over Bob....got another tart?
How about "curmudgeon-ette?"
Snagg not a bad rant but I think another choice of words instead of the f-bomb would have been just as effective.
Ya better....
Gary...I got a Rice Crispy tart I'm not using. C'mon over...
Can't beat a Rice Crispy tart slathered in Nutella.
Reply by Stir Young 27 minutes ago
Uh, move over Bob....got another tart?

Someone looking for me?




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