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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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Dont ever play "FREE BIRD" in a southern bar when they are on a roll of Patsy Cline..I learned the hard way..Never heard so much whining & complaining in all my life......Like taking a babys binky away from them.
I should have known that was you. What WERE you thinking?
I was thinking a little rock n roll would liven up the place...All those whiny old bastards looked half dead.
Live and learn, dontcha Shugah.

Classy man....smooth voice....never made a bad record...

Yep, this man knew the formula!
Sometimes I just can't help myself.
FYI if you like real country and western music, there is a radio station in California ( I know) that plays the good stuff. It's called Range Radio and has a internet stream so you can listen on your computer,(  http://www.rangeradio.com/1410)and they have an app for iphone, blackberry and android. They have a FB page so that you can keep up with what is going on. I have listened for the last few months and really enjoy it.
Thanks, I'll check that out.




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