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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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The differences actually stem from the roots of each genre.....Western  in the West (who knew) and Country from the South and into the Smokies and Appalacia. Western music celebrates the land and the people of the land and to some extent postive messages about love and morality while Contry tends to concentrate on lost love and friction of sorts. You'll generally find more fiddles in Western music. Now days there's barely a difference between C&W and rock.

A fine example of  Western Music from Don Edwards.......


I come from a long line of music lovers and I appreciate the lessons I've learned through the years.

I've kept an open mind and have been fortunate to find some really great music. Music I may have missed if I had "poo-pooed" any particular genre...

I want to thank Bob and WOB, and the others, for all the tunes they posted here.  I'm a fan of, and am knowledgable talking about, many styles of music.  I have to say, though, my knowledge of Western Music is pretty light.  Oh, I revere ET and a few others, but I've never really been exposed to the genre very much.

I learned a lot here since last night....good stuff to know.

Thanks again.  

It's been my pleasure Stir. I am constantly surprised at how much I've forgotten, although I shouldn't be, and how much i enjoy going back to those days when Most of what was on the radio was Western.  There's still some new stuff around but not a lot.

I appreciate your comments.

I'm gonna follow Whiney Old Bastard's lead and post another from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou though it's really from a genre known as Appalacia it does fit into the "real" Country catagory....


Remember "Mule Train"?  I have tons of this stuff. Unfortunately it is impossible to find most of it on youtube.

Oh, Yeah.....!!!!

Okay....some old Country



Thumbs up!

Its all good, if George sung it!

One of the saddest songs ever...

maybe worse than "Old yeller"


Yep, "The Possum" could really sing the sad ones....he has lived the life.




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