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Tonight at 6:00 PM Eastern Time.......I think the people who are going to be raptured should be making plans for the ones of us left behind who they care about like (for example) Athiest children & or beloved neighbors etc..  I am making a list of those things I think the rapture people should be making plans for, but I need a little help.


My # one: They should not eat dinner at 6:00, but eat at 5:00 PM so they have their ovens turned off. We dont need a lot of unnecessary fires burning the house down yet. 

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I must remember to lock the door.

They need to be sure to leave their chocolate out where we can find it.....

....and couldn't this wait till after baseball season???

Why? Are you gonna be raptured?

I'll still be here for the World Series...

It could be a big problem if some of the baseball players end up missing....we know where to find them, but getting them back here will take a lot of pleading w/ the man upstairs...

I will too. I'm sure.....but there may be a player or two that will go.

.....and BTW....inter-league play starts tonight. The Rangers play the Phillies at 7:10 EDT in Philidelphia.

You be watchin'???

Watching what?
ROFL...Funny Stuff

Leave their car keys in their cars.

Particularly those that own Audis or BMWs...

.....and pick-ups !!!!!!
I dont suppose they will be leaving any of these behind.....
What???.....a portable MRI machine???
OOPS..I thought it was a portable tanning machine....




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