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Yeah, I know it isnt macho but how many of you guys really enjoy a good love story? I just watched "Kate and Leopold" a movie with Meg Ryan (who is as cute as a puppy).  It's definitely a feel good movie. A love story. A chick flick. But it leaves you with a happy glow. So admit it, you watch them too. Do you have a favorite?

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I dunno, I didn't see The Notebook, but I'm guessing yes.

I just read a NY Times review of the just released The Kids are All Right w/Annette Bening & Julianne Moore. Looks really cute, I think I wanna catch that one.
That's on my list...fer sure....
I like the old black and white romantic comedies with people like Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant.

But back to this idea of being cute as a puppy - is that a good thing? I mean, one doesn't generally want to do the same kinds of things with a puppy that one wants to do with a beautiful woman...
"Raising Baby".....classic
Along with "Philadelphia Story".
ha. good point, kainsworth. the 'cute' factor only holds so much weight.
To Have and Have Not is the best...
Last of the Mohicans,
P.S. I love you...of course my other husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in that one.
I thought chick flicks were movies with lottsa sexy women, (chicks) like porn and 80's exercise video's with chicks doing suggestive exercises and dance to disco music ..........
I think you should stick w/that perception, Jack. Whoever says there's only one take on something leads a pretty narrow existence. '-)




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