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Can someone get rid of all those animals up there^^^^^^??????  And has someone taken over Q&A????? Or is Chez moi coming back???? 

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How about a Houston Toad?

Hi Dot,

I don't think any one has heard from Chez in quiet some time, and as far as anyone knows Q&A is sort of an 'orphan.'

The folks in the control tower were asked months ago when it became obvious that Chez was gone to please remove the animals. They have yet to do so.

Go figure.

Well I guess our answer is clear. The creatures are here to stay. A Houston Toad would be good????


I can delete the animals at the top, but that would mean tampering with someone's (Chez's) post.  I don't feel like I have the right as an editor to change anyone's material without their permission (unless they are breaking one of ning's or TBD's guidelines).  If it is important to the active members to have the animal rebus gone, anyone should feel free to start a new Q&A group without animals at the top.  Once everyone had migrated to the new Q&A group, I could close this group to comments (I wouldn't delete it...just close it to more activity).

That was the only solution that I could see for this issue.  If you can think of another, let me know.

Or...you can just scroll past the animal rebus and ignore it.

I gotta say, I haven't seen the animals at the top of Q & A in months.  I guess they're still up there, but the visual no longer imprints on my braino.

At one time I questioned why Chez, and a few other moderators, kept their jobs here.  I wondered why they didn't at least resign.  As I am now a poster boy for proper social site etiquette, I've changed my mind on that.  Frankly, my posts NEVER need to be monitored, so who is an active moderator, and who is an active thread host is of no concern to me.  ;-0  

Its OK by me to keep the Q & A thread open, and untampered with....maybe Chez will return someday.


The Houston Toad

If we get out choice of animals, I nominate the gnu.  I don't have the slightest idea what they look like, so I'd like to see one.

Dear Slim, A Gnu looks a lot like an Old, just a little gnuer. 

I don't mind it so much.  I still try to figure it out once in a while....;->

I gave up a long time ago. I just kind of consider it a monument to my ole buddy Chez.

It's now kind of like driving by that house where 46 people were murdered. You are no longer bothered by it, but you don't want to go in there. It's kind of a monument to one of the tbd greats. 

Your all correct. Leave well enough alone.  And keep on scrolling.

....and keep on posting.....




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