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No! I don't mean dropped in the toilet. Although many of my friends have had that problem. I mean, Do you talk on your cell phone while in the toilet? Do you initiate calls while there? Will you answer your phone while there?

Don't blame me for this question. JayLee and Stir caused me to ask this question.

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Confession is good for the soul.

yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.




I no longer have a cell phone, thanks to the dog.
O no, he ate it?
I no longer have glasses, thanks to my last foster dog. I really need to do something about that & break down & get new glasses. =-p

So far my dog has not destroyed anything.

Then again, she weighs seven pounds, how much damage could she really do?




He ate part of it.
One of my foster dogs ate my glasses. I still haven't replaced them. Boy, could I use a pair of glasses. ;-p
I do not plan on a call while I am there, but my wife seems to have a talent for calling me while I am - er - busy...




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