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After a lifetime of being right hand dominant I wondered what I could or should do to maintain use of both of my limbs.  I've heard it said that it's good to alternate use of one's hands to ensure good brain function.   I have a daughter that is left handed...*who knows where that came from*.  She has always said she thinks with the "right" side of her brain.

So, as an experiment along with a willing partner, I entertained myself for 24hrs approaching everything I did using my "non-dominant" hand.  Let me tell you...it was a complete exercise in hilarity..

Try it...for fun...brush your teeth, cut your meat, eat your cereal...put your pants/panties/underthings on using your non-dominant hand for a day.....LMK....post pictures....videos would be great!

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Pru, your video is terrific. Our star, our very own, mows her lawn and reads left-handed! I loved the suspense at the end - well done - and the very realistic finish.

Bet you took the makeup off with your right hand. ,-D
Pru.....thanks so much for this edition of "Pru Unplugged". You truly are a "nut" .......in the nicest sense of the word :) Not a wonder you are so endeared to many here. This was just plain......pretty darn cool ! Great job !! :)
I kept yelling: USE 2 HANDS USE 2 HANDS, thank goodness you finally heard me. The makeup? That was a very good look for you.

That was great, well worth watching a 2nd time especially since it was free.
Uh Pru, I just got a call from Quentin, He was trying to trick me into giving him your e-mail address. Some cockamamie story about a remake of "Something Wild" said Melanie didn't think she could get free to play the lead. I told him that That I knew he was lying. That I protected my friends privacy. That there was no way I would tell him your e-mail address. Unless of course he had a part for me.

You should be getting a call from him anytime now.
NO,NO! Wild Thing was the TROGS. I believe it was the Lou Reed song that was the theme song for "Gidget".
You know, all that he was a she stuff.
Or maybe "Where the Wild Things Are?"
Where was that fork that in the road.......

This is hilarious.....TBD original....
All I can think is what I wouldn't give to have you all in the same room with a pitcher of 'whatever' !
I'm still on probation, can I join over Go to Meeting...don't want be there if this party gets busted.
The pasrty is at Pru's all the Houston Police know to avoid that area.
All I can think is what I wouldn't give to have you all in the same room with a pitcher of 'whatever' !

I think that's something I can do with my left hand - pour drinks from pitchers! I know I can hold a drink in either hand.

Wait, that lager was full a minute ago - Robbie?
Now I know why I spelled "party" as "pasrty" in an earlier post.




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