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Some things are best described in images but they leave out what can affect us at our deepest core....scent.   The rush of smell that goes straight to our core....to our brain...stimulating a flood of memory...
Tell about what affects you....was it Grandmas' cologne...Grandpas' choice blend of pipe tobacco.
Use your words to convey the emotion or to describe the scent....

Just for starters......

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Well, pine trees, the smell of a lake, bacon cooking outdoors, the hint of campfire smoke......those are things that I like, and as I think about it, those are things that harken back to my childhood vacations.

And of course, HOO-AH, the scent of a woman.
The light sweet scent of Texas Sage.....subtle, yet breath-taking.
....and then there is, like Stir said, the special scent of a woman that defies words from even the best wordsmith.

Creosote, on the pilings down the shore, or on telephone poles "back in the day". Maybe I was a dog in a prior life?
You're right, Jaylee- scents are very difficult to describe.

I love breathing in the scent of my guy - he always has a clean kind of fresh out of the shower scent, even if it's beneath a day of being out & about. It's that scent, mixed w/his cologne & his own unique natural scent - I love the blend of those things. mmm.... now I'm longing to breathe him in, and he's a thousand miles away.
Thanks a lot, Jaylee! ;-p
I told her that was a dangerous question!!!! ;-D
And you KNEW I would go there! '-)
Fresh coffee in the morning

Bacon frying

Gardenias - that sweet, flowery, distinct scent that wafts on the air & fills your senses for a moment.

Gardenia is truly a wonderful scent.....I had a gardenia plant once and just couldn't get it to blossom..*sigh*.

I have a shrub Rose in my yard that each time I take a sniff my mind is taken to a quiet time of sweet snuggling....uh huh....:-)
My mother used to wear Azuree by Estee Lauder. Every few years or so I'll go to a fragrance counter to smell the tester. It makes me cry every single time. It's like a little worm hole through time that just takes me right back to childhood. Amazing how that works.
kainsworth, I've heard that scent has the strongest memory trigger of all our senses.
The scents associated with a dairy farm. The smell of the barn at milking time, fresh milk mixed with the odor of the cows, especially if they're wet, the sweet smell of the feed, especially cotton- seed meal. The cow lot itself, dried manure, mud when it rained, dusty dry in the hot summer. The scent of the hay barn right after it is stacked with alfafa hay......and then the almost overpowering scent of a fresh broken bale. Fresh cut Johnson grass hay before it dries out to be baled.....greasy, oily smell of farm equipment, harness leather mixed with the sweat of a plow horse. The pure scent of freshly turned dirt ready for planting.
All these and more I can't remember, were taken for granted cause I was raised with 'em...you don't notice 'em if they're with you from dawn to dusk. Not long after I left home, I realized how much I missed them. Now driving by a dairy brings back such wonderful memories.....pleasant, comfortable scents.
Driving by a hog farm or chicken farm just ain't the same....believe me.
Years ago I "noticed" a scent worn by a female coworker and asked her what it was.
It was called TABU. I gave my wife that scent and it had the desired effect.
Only worn during private moments.




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