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Whats the last song, Tv Vid, or on-line tune you listened to?..If you cant remember, what do you feel like listening to & if you dont feel like listening to anything, what is one of your all time favorite tunes?..Take your pic.....It's Blast it  time in the old TBd music room tonight.... So hit it peeps This is what I just listened to......It's actually on my profile right now.

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Good night.....Lots of GRrrreat picks as usual...sorry..I'm coming in late...I'm busy & also dealing w/ health issues...making sure I am having some fun before the  presumed rocky road ahead........I may need someone to kind of fill in for me on Blast it now & then, but hey.... most of us take care of one another around here anyways...even when we are bad girls & boys...Gawd Forbid....Hugs....K

LOL, brings back some memories!


That was the plan Craig!!!!
Was wondering why I have never seen him before..Wrong..I have "Somewhere down the Crazy River".




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