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This is the place where you can pop in and say "hey" ONLY if you are #13 or less online here at TBD.  Sometimes the fewest voices carry the strongest message.
Pipe up and let it be known you are here....
Take a number and stand in line....
*like anyone would really know....hehe!*

What's your favorite donut or pastry...

.*that'll work too....*

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@ 7:37 am MT, 13. Mornin'
1:25 p.m. 10 members ....GOOD AFTERNOON !!!!!!!
#12...no bakers yet....!

Still twelve....who left and gave me their seat?


I dunno, but I ain't gonna play musical chairs. ....too old for that.

Standing room only....:=)
oops... 15. I'm not really here.
still 15
I would post #16, but I'm not allowed in...
Do you people EVER follow rules!!!!?
18, we are all most legal.
Reply by Jaylee53 1 minute ago
Do you people EVER follow rules!!!!?
Apparently not...




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