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This is the place where you can pop in and say "hey" ONLY if you are #13 or less online here at TBD.  Sometimes the fewest voices carry the strongest message.
Pipe up and let it be known you are here....
Take a number and stand in line....
*like anyone would really know....hehe!*

What's your favorite donut or pastry...

.*that'll work too....*

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#9  plus someone I don't know...Ö
Spent the night here again last night. We need better heaters and more attentative wait-persons,
Put in a memo, Bob, and send it on to upper management.

Two right now.

It's just me and you Stir.

I've been hoping to get to know you better.

Which hallway are you hiding in?

More than likely, Stir is in the detention room ;-)
Excuse me?????   8=P
3 at 3:28 PM EDT
#6 @ 9:54pm...at least I think it's 9:54  *wondering if I set ALL my clocks ahead.*
6 @ 6:32 PM CDT...
Quinn wrote: More than likely, Stir is in the detention room ;-)
Stir replied: Excuse me?????   8=P


Maybe she meant REtention room, Stir.

...have you been retaining water? ;=)


Well, no, I haven't been retaining water, Deez, but thanks for your concern.


I haven't been retaining anything I've learned, either,  for several years now.




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