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It's obvious that Labor Day has come and gone.  Some of us decorated for Halloween, some decorated in harvest themes a la Thanksgiving....

...and then there are those who went straight to Christmas.

The stores have their stuff out, do you?

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I gotta put up Thanksgiving Lights first.

Which reminds me....I saw an ad in a newspaper over the weekend for Nordstrom's  stating that they would not put out any Christmas items or decorations till after Thanksgiving......said they could only "celebrate one holiday at a time."

How refreshing is that??

No Christmas lights yet. But since I took down the Halloween decorations, my grandson thinks I should be decorating for Christmas. 

I have not taken them down since my mother passed away.

Is this a good thing Aggie?

I do not feel like climbing the windmill.

Are you kidding?  I don't even have my Halloween decorations up yet.

Hiya Crystal.

About four years ago I decided to just leave my Christmas Lights up all year.  I have 'em strung around my windows inside.  Nobody really ever comes by to visit, so I don't worry what people think about it.

I may be getting eccentric.

Naw...just logical. There comes a time when we must conserve time and energy. You're there....and so am I.

Is it too late in the year to take my Christmas tree down?

I have a very small tree with very small ornaments.  It folds easily into a little box.  I have no idea where it is now.

Look in a very small place.

No luck yet.  I may not have a tree this year.




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