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I never really had any doubts until tonight.

Do you think there is another you walking around somewhere, either in this world, on another planet or in another dimension?

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Yes, I am who I think I am. But the question is... Am I who other people think I am? Again, I think the answer is yes. But that's just my perception on "me". Some people see me as a furry penis, and I'm really just a sleeping puppy. Perceptions are funny that way. Everybody sees stuff through their own eyes. Most people see what they want to see.

I'm a little bit curious about who you are, but you're pretty good at skirting that question.

I'd like to be who my dog thinks I am.

He-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-o LARRY!

I'd like to be who my dog thinks my SO is.

I think most of us would like to claim, "I yam what I yam." But I think we're typically more complex than that. 

I've been wondering how a sock puppet had morphed into a slim Lauren Bacall. Is that a twist on Quantum Jumping?

There's not much quantum about it.  I guess you'd call it Google physics.  Almost seems like something quantum compared to the resources we grew up with.  I like using Avatars of old movie stars.  I do a great Bette Davis impression.

Now I see the puppy!   Thanks for clearing that up Teebs.  For a bit there I thought you were pushing the buttons of the absentee moderators we have here..:-)

I am happily me until I look in the mirror.   Then I see someone that closely resembles my mother...or her younger sister.

It's funny because I remember my mother as being young and pretty.  I guess the woman I see is my grandmother.

Lord, help me be the kind of person former wife's dog thinks I am.

I'm always happy when others remember limericks that I first heard in high school.

What?  You say YOU'RE Happy?  I thought Happy was your traveling companion.  Oh, wait a minute, I guess I'd better reread your sentence.

OK, never mind.




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