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Somewhere near Denver there is a bunch of frozen cows stuck in a remote cabin and the Forest Service can't figure out how to get them out.

Makes you wonder how anyone managed to stick all those frozen cows in there in the first place.







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If it's anything like the condition of my freezer, all they'd have to do is open the door and they'd fall out.

I don't get it - Exploding them won't stop them from decomposing.  They'll still contaminate the hot springs.  They'll just decompose in a more far-flung manner.

#1 These cows should be prosecuted for breaking and entering. It is clear from the article, the were trespassing.

#2 There should be fines levied again'st said "frozen" cows" due to the mental anguish suffered by the the innocent cadets that found them.

#3 at 11,000 feet, it is obvious that these cows were high, and should they be remanded to serve hard time in prison. Preferably one that has a "beefed" up security. 

Bring a hand grinder and make hamburger. Burgers anyone?

I'm not sure I understand.  Why can't they barbecue them and raise some money for charity.  Doesn't sound like anything a couple of chainsaws couldn't take care of.

Don't they have a City Council or Fraternal Elks or anything that would do the job?

They're finding more and more cows!!


There may be as many as twenty six cows!!

I want to know what kind of irresponsible modern cowboys let this happen.

yankee cowboys


The article didn't say if the cows were tagged or not so no way to tell who owned them? There are no wild cows. At least I don't think there are. This is just crazy.

Maybe they were "On The Lamb".

I think wild cows are clled mavericks.




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