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A bird pecked me on the back of my head today...

What the heck is that?  I laughingly walk into an outdoor arena with a few birds milling about, to sit down with a friend to drink coffee, thinking "Tell Friend not to be afraid --it is only a movie (Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds), and whack!  A bird attacks the back of my noggin!

Don't call.  I survived.  It felt like a diving beak attack of the Sme noggin.  Not a workers comp case but if I find that bird has any assets, he/she is paying me for general damages and beakitry.

Is it my huge noggin or what the heck is it?  What weird thing happened to you today or lately?  Is it me or has the world run amok? 

Write soon.  I have a date.


PS:  got my money?  Anyone?

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Oh, my delicious KarenSme, I think I know why.

Karensme, as seen by birds:

Back view

Front view

Ah-ha! Now I have understanding.

I still need to find that darn bird...
Understanding is nice, but..
Maybe you were seen eating a relative?
Was your date Gregory Peck? It might have been a mockingbird.
Mocking birds are notorious for pecking folks in a misguided desire to protect there nests ... Not to worry though, It don't hurt much, they have very little peckers .........

how would you know that?

I thought we already hashed through this once...........Are you still using hair ties made from earth worms ?
OK, I've never liked birds, but I've never had a pooping or pecking incident. I've only had one yell at me as if I was a dog. (It was my friend's bird, who always mimicked him telling his dog to settle down, so he said that to me.) Although I believe in the whole Lion King cirlce of life thing, it may be possible that birds are unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. What do you think?
I hope you like bugs K, because birds eat insects by the ka-billions .........
Spiders eat mosquitos. That seems pretty efficient to me.
Mosquitos, now there's a creature that would not be missed ... except maybe by mosquito eating spiders ....
Because, you know, dragonflies and butterflies and some of the others are kind of pretty. And bees make honey. I think the only thing the mosquitos make is malaria.




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