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Okay...sometimes I'm a little slow on the uptake but will some PLUEEEEZE explain the appeal of this show/series?   I don't get it....I'm even a bit appalled...
The men seem to follow and drool like males seeking out the one and only female on the planet in heat!  
The counter of this is "The Bachelor"....He's a studly muffin...they are driven...seeking out....Well, I leave this aspect to your imaginations.
Am I just jaded and faded...too old to get this?  Am I so out of the demographic?   Probably...I've been around..but this show makes me kinda feeling queasy  ...*ick*....

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Sorry, I have never seen it.
I agree with you, Sugar....both programs are more than a little rediculous.
I am still amazed at how far people will go to degrade themselves for the sake of fame...
They are all in it for their 15 minutes of fame and of course the money, me thinks. Wouldn't trust one of those people!
I agree....sheesh...and to think I paid attention for 15 minutes...! *silly me*
Sorry, Jaylee, I gave up TV a couple years ago, so I am totally out of the loop.
When West Wing ended & finally, after years of following it, I tired of Law & Order, it was all over for me.
Oh, & that pesky fracture that kept me down for 5 months, where all I did was watch TV... that was the tipping point that did me in. I've never looked back. Watched the election year before last, the inauguration last year. Tried to veg out & watch TV a couple of nights in the last year, but once it was out of my system, wow... I'm amazed... I have no desire whatsoever to watch it. I don't even have one plugged in now. And I was a lifelong nightly TV viewer. So I guess my answer to your query is, these shows & most others have no appeal to me whatsoever. I've never even seen an episode.
I've never watched either of those shows, but I do watch The Weather Channel for the chicks.
Never have been able to stand "reality" shows; As I put it to my daughter about ten years ago - "Let me see if I have this straight. The network hires a dozen abnormally pretty people who all have mental problems, they get them high-paying jobs in trendy businesses and set them all up rent-free in photo-ready digs with TV cameras following them around 24 hours a day - And they call it 'THE REAL WORLD'? Doesn't sound like any reality that I know of..."
Watched it for about 30 seconds once. I equated the show with sharing an ice-cream cone with twelve other people. No thanks :)




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