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When is your favorite time? 


I kind of liked 1981. Around seven in the evening is nice, too.

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I love right now the best........I'm very happy....things are going well.

I have fond memories of my mispent youth, mispent young adulthood, mispent middle age, and mispent yesterday, for that matter. If these are the "golden years", it was worth the wait to get here.

I kinda like about 9:30 AM too....thats when I head into town to join the liberals at the doughnut shop. Well not every day, sometimes coffee upsets my stomach! LOL!
Best is very subjective. It all depends on the time frame
Lifetime, This one. Reason; It's the only one I can remember.(Some of)
Decade, 1980s Reason; Nice time with family. Good Job, Enough money Lots of Friends.
Year, 1987 Reason: At the top of my Game, Program Manager with 10 teams of people
spread around the world performing electronic maintenance for the US Army.
Family life going well, racing go karts, Skiing, Company paid vacation in
mountains. Large enjoyable family GTG.
Hour, In June 2009 Reason: Spent with Prunella Farquar
Minute, I hope it's still to come.

Currently? Those few fleeting moments before I wake the kids for school. The proverbial calm before the storm.
Yes... I do too... before I forget it.
I like 5AM when the sun is starting to rise and the air is crisp and you start to hear the birds. I rarely see that time of day any more since I go to bed at 1AM, but it is still one of my favorite times of day. AS far as years go, there can be no better season than the Summer of Love. Look at those smiles!


Currently? Those few fleeting moments before I wake the kids for school. The proverbial calm before the storm.
Presently, in the minute or hourly sense it's when I walk in the door at home after work. At this time two of the little grandsons are living with us, and when I come home it's "Papa Jack, Papa Jack and they come running all excited with lots of hugs and kisses. Then they start telling me exciting stuff that happened that day. Plus I get to see and kiss and hug my sweetheart whom I've been thinking about all day .... In the larger sense I don't know, every season of my life has had mostly good times and some not so good. Also looking to the future has both a little trepidation and hopeful expectations ......
I like anytime on Fridays. And the 70s were good, too.
When any of my children were about 2 years old. And that part of the springtime when you realize it's really not going to be cold again until the fall. And right after skinny dipping when you're warming up by the fire.

The early bird may get the worm, but it is the Owl who is the true bird of prey. ~ DZGD
During the summer, my favorite time of day is early morning, then around 9:30 pm when the mosquitoes have simmered down and there is a breeze.
The 70's were pretty carefree years, but I like right now too.
My favorite time is sunrise. Don't really know why but I always wake up early and bouncing like a kid on his birthday. It takes a while before I realize that I'm no kid and that I have things to do that day that I probably will not enjoy.




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