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No....NOT "milk of magnesia".

Due to the enforced "Hallmark" holiday this Sunday...

Honor the real life Mom you had...

..or the not so real life Mom you would have liked to have.


MY mother...Emily, was a hoot.  Simple, plain and very funny.

She liked to sing.  Secretly wanted to be a professional singer. She looked a bit like Peggy Lee.

She would sing while she was cooking and tap out a rhythm with a butter knife on the counter or the cookie jar or the stove top.

She would say what I now call "Emilyisms" that sometimes took years for me to figure out.









PICK ME..!!!!





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Emily did good by you, Sugar. Your character and delightful personality came straight from her.....tell her you miss her...she will hear it.

What's that old cliche?

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?

Yea, that's the one...


O, she dressed really well. And....um...er...she had nice eyebrows.

If any of you met my mom, bless her looney old heart, you would refuse to believe that I was a product of her reproductive capacities. It would be like being asked to believe that Godzilla was birthed by a woodchuck.

I'm sorry, Miss Q.

O, that's okay. My Dad made up for it :-)

She wasn't mean or anything, just...um... detached. Didn't show a lot of emotion or interest for any of her children...Outside of family vacations we didn't spend much time together and even then I was always with my cousins and my Aunts more than her.

I was closer to two of my Aunts--Mimi and Ginny, they were my confidantes---I whined talked [ah, teenage angst :-)]with them about boys and school and clothes and makeup and all that other girlie stuff ;-) I thinked they enjoyed spending time with me because they only had sons, no daughters. I was glad, and lucky, to have them.


Q: What's that old cliche?

If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?

Yea, that's the one...



did we have the same mom, Q? No WONDER we get along so well.


mine was quite pretty & she loves to laugh. She's also very bright.

I sure do miss my Mom... She was awesome... Not your typical cuddly, stay at home type of mom, but a more worldly type of Mom.. She started College when she was 33... Graduated from college when I graduated from High School... She always wanted to be a teacher, so my Dad said "What's stopping you?"  And her college days began... She started teaching full time with only a teacher's certificate... They needed teachers badly then and you didn't need to be a college graduate... She went to college part time and finally got her Master's with a specialist in Reading when my daughter was 2 yrs old!!!  She was a trail blazer in unionizing the teachers in Ohio and right now, I know, she's rolling over in her grave with all the union busting that's going on in OH!!! She was on the State boards for accredidations and was always pushing for better and higher standards in teaching.. She also had a great sense of humor, a little on the warped side like Larry's... LMAO!!! Whenever the 2 of them got together, there was always a rip roaring time to be had!!!  Yep, she was quite a woman and I loved her deeply and miss her smiling face and wise advice every day!!! 

Oh, Kitty, thanks for sharing about her. You paint a vivid picture of the wonderful woman that was Mom.

I miss my Mom also. Very kind and thoughtful, highly creative and very resourceful. When there was no money or time for a birthday card, she created one beautifully. And Halloween costumes and pinatas and teeny tiny Barbie clothes, etc She put lots of time and thought into gifts as well and it showed. When my children were born, we became even closer and now I miss my friend. 

Thanks, Jaylee for asking. And for sharing about your own wonderful Emily.

Yeah, my biological mother died sixteen years ago.  I wasn't close to her, although I was appreciative of her birthing me.  Sad to say, she had lots of problems and no bootstraps.

I acquired my stepmother when I was ten, and she remains a mother in all respects except for the birthing part.  I've mentioned here before, she's never stopped being the mom.  One of my brothers and his wife is driving up here tomorrow and the resulting assemblage is going out for Mother's Day dinner.

My mom was a joker, a smoker and a midnight toker, but I didn't know that until I got older.  She took us to church every Sunday and Wednesday night.  I thought she was a Puritan, but she was a lot of fun and I later learned that she was a 'party girl'.  That didn't matter to me because she raised us kids beautifully and always had time for us.  She encouraged us in everything that we did and she would take whatever job she had to in order to put food on the table (worked for a butcher and a tailor and in the Igloo Cooler factory for awhile).
Think I would have like your Mom.
I'm sure she would have liked you too.  I have no doubt that if she was still alive, she would be on TBD.




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