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     The truth of the matter is, I can't write. Or should I say "The truth is, I can't write." Or perhaps,

"The truth; I can't write".

     Back in the olden days when I was drunk, I wrote and published and never got stuck on single sentences. Maybe I just didn't notice, or just didn't care, but it worked. Now everything seems  cliche.

     So my question to all you wonderfully bright people out there is "how do I get unstuck in this whirlwind of words?"

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Start drinking with dedication again?
Ahhh, there's a good reason everything sounds cliché: we've heard so much of it so many times by now. When you are young everything sounds fresh and new.

I'm not sure what is the magic word to snatch you from the whirlwind, but I have found that "simplify, simplify, simplify" helps me. What is it that you are writing?
I do better with a camera or paints, brushes and a canvass than I do with pen and paper, but, as for me, I have to have some sort of inspiration. Sometimes it's a song, or a scene i see as I drive around, maybe everyday people doing every day things.
Sometimes the best inspiration comes from some one you love and care about and cares about you in return. Just a thought...
I just start typing--anything and everything that comes into my head concerning the topic I'm writing about. Then, when I'm finished I go back and edit the hell out it...I find, more often than not, that what I want to say is in there somewhere ☺
Drinking again is not a bad idea either ☺
Drink. That's what I do and I still don't write. At least I no longer care.




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