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Hello everyone and a belated thank you to all who joined my group Play of Words.
I am curious to learn a little bit more about the persons behind the avatars so I created this discussion exercise.

I usually use this particular exercise during the first week of class as an ice breaker. I ask my students to think of 7 to 10 antonym pairs (adverb-adjective) that would best define them.

Here's a poem I created for myself a few minutes ago:

Who am I?

I am....
wickedly angelic
disturbingly sane
hysterically calm
sensually chaste
cynically romantic
blunderingly eloquent
annoyingly pleasant
perfectly imperfect

or so i'm told and I'm completely ok with it!

I'd like to hear or read your antonym combos.

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Great idea, Maricel! OK, here I am (with more than a dollop of artistic license):

romantically pragmatic
pragmatically romantic (yes, they're different! ;-)
flagrantly composed
pointedly polished
inwardly outgoing
anxiously languid
obsessively laissez-faire
intentionally serendipitous

C'est moi! :-)
Sarah, I LOVE your poem. *Muah
Simply Complicated
Seriously Silly
Innocently Lustful
Passionately Restrained
Deeply Shallow
Playfully Hardworking
Anonymously Intimate
Lovingly Unrequited
Expectedly Surprising
nice poem Lily....
I really like anonymously intimate.......but why 'Lovingly Unrequited'?

Lovingly Unrequited ~~~ still carrying that torch.....still feeling loving though I am unloved.
I am
clearly vague
cleverly stupid
cunningly simple
noisily quiet
blatantly shy
interestingly dull
happily depressed
sharply blunt
gloomily cheerful
nakedly clothed
guiltily innocent
horizontily vertical
and visibly invisible.....
Soozy, You definitely are the clever sort..... CIA? FBI?? lol
Cindy, I like your poem =-)
I wonder if you and the others here would mind if I use your examples in class this September. I usually do this activity the first week of school. I could have a field day trying to elicit ideas from my students to characterize each of you based on your antonym pairings.
=-) Mari
Currently I am ...

Boorishly polite
Blithely attentive
Vociferously musical (Is that right?) (Maybe it's "jarringly musical"?)
Independently planned
Screwed up
Actively tired
Enthusiastically lazy.

Let's try that on for size.
By the way, I needed Microsoft Word's synonyms for some help here for a couple of these!
I give to you that I am

confusingly witted
prudishly decandent
reservedly debauch
nervously cool
sensually innocent
deliciously aversive
presumptuously resistant
provocatively sweet

That's just on the outside.... :-)

That's just on the outside.... :-)
This statement just screams to be asked....
...what about in the inside?
It is often so hard to describe one's self, there are so many pressues, so many desires, so many customs,.... alright. alright...

On the inside, I am

delectably stable
harmoniously delicious
calmly audicious
charismatically decisive
charitably gifted
sensually consumed
soothingly hyper
pleasantly tempered

Now, you know the rest of the story... the real me. Debonare, a Cool Blue... :-)




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