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Sniglets-Words that don't appear in the dictionary, but should


Airdirt (ayr' dirt) - n. A hanging plant that's been ignored for three weeks or more.

Anaception (an a sep' shun) - n. The body's ability to actually affect
television reception by moving about the room.

Blivett (blih' vit) - v. To turn one's pillow over and over, looking for the cool spot.

Blooage (blew' ij) - n. The residue left on fingers after using an S.O.S pad.

Blossor - n. The hair style one has after removing a baseball cap.

Circuloin Technique (sur' kew loyn tek neek') - n. The popular approach to
steak dining in which one eats around the edges first, then works his way toward the middle.

Circumpopulate (sur kum pop' yew layt') - v. To finish off a Popsicle
"laterally" because the "frontal" approach causes one to gag.

Cleanundrum (clean-un-drum) The act of cleaning up a room or closet and
then not being able to find something that you knew where it was before you
decided to clean

Clunes - n., pl. People who just won't go.

more at  http://bertc.com/subfour/truth/sniglets.htm

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regroovulate- ( ree-groove-u-late)  to revive thoughts so that it stays fertile with meaningful thoughts.




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