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Oxymoron is the conjoining of contradictory or incongruous terms (as in silent scream).


See if you could remember or create 2 or 3 oxymorons.

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honest politician
criminal lawyer
Hell's Angels
old news
mercy killing
lol@compassionate conservative

I could understand why you would choose that antonym pairing
nice one. Did you know mud baths are probably the most nutritious baths you can take for your skin?
I'm not sure that mud bath is, in fact, an oxymoron,

One definition of "bath" states:
1. a washing or immersion of something, esp. the body, in water, steam, etc., as for cleansing or medical treatment

Which is exactly what a mud bath is - an immersion in mud, No opposition there, at all.

silly reason

ass face

try to relax

If you're pretty much middle-of-the-road about everything, are you practicing "extreme moderation?"

wedded bliss

skinny broad




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