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See if you can solve the following 4 Old English Riddles. (one word answers)



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1 Fire?
2 Onion?
3 Gold?
4 Lighthouse?
hmmmmm Thomas, did you peek at the answers?
lol-- All answers are correct

I shall look for a harder one. #5 & # 6
I used to enjoy reading Anglo-Saxon poetry. I did Chaucer (the Prologue and the Nun-Priests Tale) in the original Middle-English for English Literature at school and decided to look into contemporary authors eg Langland and went backwards from there. I also enjoy listening to the music from groups such as The Anonymous Four, who in performance sing and do readings from medieval sources.
Are there any Troubadour groups left?

I usually teach The Prologue and Wife of Bath's Tale. The language is difficult for my students, but when I describe the bawdiness of some of the tales, their interest is sparked. I'm surprised no mainstream movie has been made on The Canterbury Tales.

I'll check into The Anonymous Four. Maybe I'll have my students create raps or a rap for The Canterbury Tale.




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