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Ok, lets see how far we can stretch our imagination.
You can be wicked or demure.

Think of an person/occupation....ex father, policeman, girlfriend, teacher etc.
and write 7 to 10 kennings (compound pair) to describe it.

I'll start..... (Warning: not for prudes)

breath stealer
neck nibbler
waist anchor
navel licker
tongue lasher
toe sucker
pelvic heater
lust instigator

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Love giver
Life supporter
Bottom wiper
independence donor
A Cougar( An older woman who agressively seeks sexual satisfaction from younger men)

Unbridled Hedonist

Bliss Bloomer

Titilating Teacher

Salacious Satisfier

Fantasy Filler

Lascivious Lassie

Experience Provider

Sensuality Seeker

Carnal Cat

Mating Mistress

Pulsing Playmate

Cradle Rocker
Lily, I knew you would come up with something interesting.

Have you ever been a 'cougar'?
Me-Ow Baby!.....hehe...my ex- hubby was 7 years younger.....there have been a few youngins ...lol




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