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by David Hunter Sutherland

Call me crazy,
(mad with joy)
place this simple heart
languishing in harbor
on frugal ships that
trans-port this soul on
seven year sails and weather torn joints and graying mast,

Aboard where
cupboards creak without sound,
boughs tip with expectation,
and troll through implication
as I open each shore
crazy for life,
(mad with joy)

Euphemisms for Crazy....pls add to the list.
A few bricks short of a load
Five cans short of a six-pack
Not firing on all cylinders
An olive short of a pizza
Four quarters short of a dollar
Has a screw loose
Is Bugged Out
Should be in the Bughouse
Mad as hatter
Mad as a monkey on a trike
Lost his/her marbles
Belongs in the booby hatch

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Looney Tunes
Touched In The Head
Cuckoo Cuckoo For CoCo Puffs
never heard this one b4 lol
or this: half a bubble off center
half a bubble off center
whacko, whack-job, whacked out, freak
In more dire need of medication than Mother Bobbit [I think that one's an original]
'E ain't playin' wid a full deck
That one's tickin'
Definitely 'out there'
I heard you were captured by Aliens . . . [Someone actually said that to me once]
Off Their Rocker
Out Of Their Gourd
Padded Room Material
Lights Are On But No One Is Home
Short One Oar
Going Ape S**t
Out To Lunch

and my childrens' personal fav......"MaMa's havin one of her SPELLS!"
and my childrens' personal fav......"MaMa's havin one of her SPELLS!"

They read too much period romances or fiction! lol @ one of her SPELLS!"
Half Baked
Freak Show
Soft Headed
Round The Bend
Circus Bizzaro
Fruit Loops
Gone Crackers
Lily, you sure have a lot of terms for crazy. Are you a bit 'touched in the head'?
To all...
What's the craziest thing you ever did?
It's complicated . . .
Ohhhhhhhhhhh....my my my......I've got alot of crazy in my life....where do I ever begin to tell my tales????....lol
How's this for starters...I musta been crazy to have sex standing up by a hot wood stove!!!....heh...

Then there was this time I was afraid I was going to run out of gas on a dark back road,just in case I picked up a hitch hiker so I wouldn't be all alone if I DID run out of gas!! :-P




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