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Comment by Volker Schmidt on September 20, 2009 at 7:06am

The Mini Saga is a a form of writing in which the storyteller is allowed to use only 50 words. No more. No less. It is an exercise for both the left and right sides of the brain. It is appealing to those who are left brained minded for they must deal with exactly 50 words. But these people are challenged to "create a story" in that space. For right brained people, the effect is essentially the same. Lots of story, but alas, only 50 words in which to tell it. That is your challenge my friends. Give it some thought. I shall provide you with an example below. Try one and post it here. Always title your Mini Saga as such so we know what is happening.

An example:
A man took his shoes to a cobbler. Next day he was arrested and sent to prison for robbery. Twenty years later he was released, found the cobbler’s ticket and, just in case, took it to the cobbler’s shop. Examining it closely, the old man said, “Come back next week”.

Ideas for mini-sagas
Newspaper Articles
First Experiences
Great Failures
Urban Legends
Nursery Rhymes
Memorable Days
Poems in Prose
Police Reports
Crimes Witnessed
Holiday Incidents
Puzzle Stories
Travel Incidents
Horror Stories
Great Adventures
Love Stories

Best Wishes.

Comment by Maricel Evasco on September 20, 2009 at 4:12pm

This was a damn hard challenge.

I know not what came over me. I suddenly felt /alive. Instinctively I asked, "Do you want to make love?/ Gently we did caressed until both of us were consumed/ I said, "It's been forever..." He replied tenderly, "I understand."/ The honesty was too much.

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Ah. So. That bus story really was true . . . How interesting . . .
of course.....I married the guy on the bus.
Ah jeez, Maricel, that's just too much information. I guess now I can't tell ya the story about . . . well. Never mind.
"My wife has lost her key" I overheard the red faced man at the desk tell the hotel clerk.The apologetic night clerk who was maybe over eighteen, started making excuses about extra keys for guests not being available. The key she gave me felt cool in my hot palm........
hehehehehehe Lily I actually counted how many words you used. Nice story.
I aim to please Maricel!!!! ;)
WEll. I probably shouldn't, but hey . . .

7:30 am, hungover, in a strange apartment. She wasn't very
cute, parading about the place buck naked, pleading, "eat me,
eat me." He watched a moment, dazed and groggy. Finally,
the sum of stimulus was just too much, and so,
amid a loud and blaring chorus of "Don't Do It" . . .

Zen, that is dark and sad.
Really? Well, there is a reason I don't drink and stuff, but honest, that isn't it . . . he-he-heee
i had tried this once before, that is taking a story and reducing it to a limited number of words. thoughts would hang at the turns of the pipeworks of my mind, clogging and sputtering. eventually, my mind would use its trusty plunger, and out would trickle the fifty words...
They lined up with their wheelchairs, crutches, assistants.....each child looking proud as his or her name and jersey number was announced. Hitting the ball, "running" the bases, scoring! The cheering from the crowd giving pride. The "Miracle League" teams give handicapped kids the chance to belong and play baseball.
Cyn, I love the plumbing metaphor. =-)

nice Fluffy! Do you volunteer for Special Olympics? I usually take my kids to do their volunteer work at the NJ Olympics.




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