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Anyone else having trouble with Win Live Mail?  I'm running v. 2011 on my desktop & v. 2012 on my laptop; both computers are Win7,64bit; my ISP is comcast.  I can only receive msgs; can't send.  Connecting okay to the internet otherwise, even when using Int. Explorer (which is what Live Mail uses, right?). Here's the exact error msg. I'm getting on both machines:

"The connection to the server has failed.

Subject 'test'
Server: 'smtp.comcast.net'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC0E
Protocol: SMTP
Port: 25
Secure(SSL): No
Socket Error: 10060"

Tried doing the Control Panel's 'repair program' of Win Live Essentials on both computers, both said "successfully repaired" but still having the problem.  Also did anti-virus scan & spy/malware scans but no problems found.  (I hafta confess, there were a coupla other things suggested to try on Microsoft's site, but I couldn't understand how to do them, sigh.)

Any help is appreciated; thanks!

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Had a similar problem with the windows live mail, ended up going back to windows mail and have not had one problem. 

...don't know if this would help, but isn't windows live mail the same as hotmail?...as in xxxxxxx@live.com?...

...they (ms) did a recent upgrade to outlook.com...supposedly terminating hotmail/live...

I know that hotmail & live mail are tied together somehow but my Live Mail addrr is xxxxxx@comcast.net, so I thought it was kind of different.  (I personally hardly ever use Live Mail, I prefer using comcast's web-based mail in Firefox or my gmail acct; but Hubby prefers Live Mail--can't figure out why but he does--so he wants to get it going again.)

Sorry I cannot contribute to a solution to the issue.  However, you all now have me asking the question: How is "Live" mail different from any other?  I  am using plain old yahoo email for many years without any real issues. I do have other email with other systems for work, etc. but find that any web-based email system works with any browser.


Update:  called my ISP (Comcast) & they had changed some of the server settings required to make Live Mail work on Win7 (not sure about other Win op. systems); the tech I got walked me thru changing the settings & Live Mail is working fine now.

About the "how is Live Mail diff. from Hotmail, etc." question:  I tried looking for an answ. online & am more confused than ever; so maybe MS is indeed phasing out Live Mail, maybe hotmail too?  My sis-in-law just had to buy a new comp with Win8 & has been complaining mightily as to how different & difficult the email (& everything else for that matter) is on Win8, so maybe that's what the future holds as to email on Windows systems:  some new terrible thing?  (I'm more glad than ever I got gmail & can also access my web-based comcast email at their website; got a bad feeling about Windows & their email...)




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