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Has anyone heard of LassPass ? A couple of months ago i downloaded a program drom ZDnet . It was attached to it . What it does it takes over your pages . Sometimes ya may get a half page . I have tried everything to get rid of it and it just keeps coming back . It won't even let me do a restore . Even a full restore . It is on my Windows 8.1 computer . I just give up and bought another computer .Looking online it showes how to get rid of it but it won't let me . Any idea How ?

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I know the group is almost dead but maybe someone will come along and offer a solution .....

I am sorry , LassPass is a password app . The name of the thing is Passshow . That I'm trying to get rid of ....

The easy question first, have you run Malwarebytes? 

I heard on a tech program not to download stuff from any of those sites, downloads. com ZDNet etc., as they will most likely give you something else along with what you want. It's happened to me, hijacked my browser, Malwarebytes found it.

Thanks I will try that ....

Don't have an answer for you but you do have my sympathies; at Hubby's insistence I downloaded a stupid map program the other day which infected the sh*t out of our computer.  Tried system restore, everything; finally broke down & called our tech; he finally was able to force it into a restore.  It's so easy to do; it's gotten to where you can hardly download anything without problems; can't even trust CNet anymore, their stuff is just loaded with foistware.  So far, I've been doing ok with filepuma, but don't expect it to last, cnet used to be good too.

And as to the group being almost dead, does anyone know if Pete's ok?  I hope so.




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