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I really messed up this time!! Dropped my laptop and now i can't hear the motor running and it get's hot and shuts off by itself. I need to go now it's fixing to go off now

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LOL! I will do that!!

get a quote from a techie to replace the fan....and fans go bad all by themselves without being dropped due to dust and hair collecting on them....

Did you happen to get on what the repair would cost? I let the insurance expire a month ago. Wouldn't you know that's how it always goes. I know i don't want to put any more bucks n this laptop but i love it!! No other problems at all. From what i hear Windows 8 is real different and i have a feeling it will take me awhile to get up and running. Needless to say i am not a happy camper. Oh well that's life!!

a bad fan can cause the hard drive to overheat and fritz....that laptop could have a cracked circuitboard ...or in the best of all possible worlds (yeah right... we know the odds of that) just the connection from the fan got jarred loose...you could just shop for a new one since it is Big Sale time all over the place. but get an estimate from a techie....and if you shop for a new laptop, some offer a windows 7 upgrade....(huh??? it's an upgrade to go BACK to windows 7...yup....)

A upgrade to Windows 7 ? That sounds great! I don't have much good luck when it comes to computers but i sure will check that out. Thanks!!!

I just hope i can get all of my pictures off i have hundreds of family pics. Thanks Kooner

if worse comes to worst, you can take the hard drive out or have it taken out and use an external dock or an external box to access the files. voila an external hard drive..

If indeed it is the fan there are a bunch of youtube videos on replacing or accessing it if you search under, "Replacing fan in laptop" or "Replacing fan in Mac laptop" if that is what it is and it may be that the drop caused something to impede the turning of the fan blade. If you do try to take it apart, always good to transfer pictures, documents, to a flash drive or such first. Good luck.

Thanks for that info. Will check it out




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