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I just downloaded Mozilla Foxfire as a browser but miss my IE homepage with news/weather/stocks, etc.  Any hints on how to create that type of homepage on Foxfire? 

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This is as far as I can get trying to download Adobe Flash or Reader:

  1. To proceed, open your download folder to find the Adobe Reader Installer <filename>.exe.
  2. Double-click on the installer to complete the installation. For additional help, click here.

Not sure what "the installer" is!!!!

i'm not positive but you should have a download folder just like a video folder, contacts folder, music folder etc. I find mine by clicking the globe at the bottom left of the computer and explore the folders on the right side of that menu. If you find the download folder I bet Adobe has already put the installer icon in there, click and follow instructions.

Actually I find IE 11 to be fast but that may not be available for older operating systems.

Thats one good thing about the chrome browser, it automatically updates flashplayer.  its also faster than firefox and a *lot* faster than ie.




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