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I just downloaded Mozilla Foxfire as a browser but miss my IE homepage with news/weather/stocks, etc.  Any hints on how to create that type of homepage on Foxfire? 

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check under tools... then options...

there's also a help tab next to tools

Thanks, ProblemAgain, with your help it was almost too easy!!!

oh good....and you might like firefox...it also has a lot of addons you can get to make your internet use a lot more enjoyable...

So did you delete IE from your computer? No need to do that.

As for FF, use any home page you want, the same one you had on IE if you liked it. 

See the red F F tab on the very top left? Click, open options and options again and see the general tab.

Or just go to the page you want and then click the use current page tab on that options box.

No, I kept IE but am using FF as my browser.  FF keeps telling me I need to add Adobe Flash.  Unfortunately I can't complete the download.  You think I need to turn off my McAfee in order to download it?   Still haven't been able to download any of the "plugs" they suggest but all seems to be working fine and I'm liking it the more I use FF to browse.   Of course I do have WIN XP and will not be happy when that becomes outdated this March/April.

Another question, am looking for an external hard drive to back up my PC.  Any suggestions for brands that would be compatible with both PC and MAC and not overly pricey?

Oops, I've been calling my browser Foxfire and it's Firefox!  At least you knew what I meant!  Actually I like the sound of Foxfire better!  :)

see the other post about xp....it may become 'outdated' but it just means that microsoft won't be writing any new code to update it. thus it can become a prey for hacks more easily as time goes by. you shouldn't have to turnoff the mcafee....but you do have to install them or activate them

Is this where you try to download Adobe Flash from?


Anyway you can save up for a new computer with Win 7 or 8? Save the external hard drive money and apply to a computer. If you don't have too much to back up just use a DVD or 2 for now to back up.

What ever happened to Pete anyway? I am not very knowledgeable really.

Yes, this is the site where I've been trying to download Adobe Flash.  Can't get past step two.

I do use McAfee and and keep it active and updated.

Have you read the reviews on this site?  After reading other's experiences won't attempt it!  Thanks, anyway.




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