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Woe is me, one of my favorite websites (phonezoo.com) is closing up shop soon.  Does anyone have recommendations for another good, free site with ready-made ringtones to download plus the ability to upload any song & tinker with it to get the exact 30-second ringtone you want?  (I have an iPhone but don't know if I can do the uploading thing or not thru iTunes, frankly I find iTunes not all that user-friendly; plus if I get rid of this iPhone & go back to an android--like I really wanted in the 1st place but let the saleskid talk me into the iPhone, sigh--I wouldn't be able to use iTunes anyway, right?)

Here are 3 sites that look like they might be okay; just wondering if you guys have heard anything about any of them:  tones7.com, myxer.com, and mytinyphone.com.

Thanks for any advice.

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