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As we grow older, it seems everything changes about sex. For some of us, we don't have it as often (for one reason or another)....one partner or the other has lost interest or can't perform the same. For some of us, we have lost our S/O and its hard to get out there and find someone new. Relationships are just harder to come by.
What are some of the problems you've encountered?

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For me, after going through menopause it seems my sex drive is higher, and without a partner, it really gets whacky. I find its harder to just go out like I used to. Around here, you go to a bar, and its the younger crowd, and this is a college town which makes it rough.
Where are some places to go?
George and Jan. I now pronounce you a likeable pair. You may kiss each other now.
i belive the older we get the more sex we need i know i do
what is this sex you speak of? LMAO
Sorry that is what came to mind when I read you question Jan. While four months and being seperated over 4 states has been rough on us both, so much when we talk on the phone we must joke about it. but in many ways I think it has made her and I even closer, if that was indeed posible. We both talked to each other alot but , now we listen even more. I can hear the stress in her voice when things are not going great and she tries to cover it up. Today when I sent her flowers, I could her her fighting back the tears. I never listen that intensly before, always heard the words but not the feelings.
WOW!! Yes, I find myself needing it more. But, understand I have been without since Aug 2008! OMG, taking matters into my own hands is not the same, I miss most of all cuddling, and yes the sex, communicating and everything else as well. BUT, sex, is something that I need daily. Hopefully 2010 will be the year I make a connection with someone special.
For me, I think age has brought lots of self-confidence to the sexual part of me, and the biggest problem is having the desire to do more, and experiment more, than before, and my partner isn't always willing to go there.
I think, the older you get the more you want til you get to certain ages- like 70 or older. in my case, I want it as much as I did in my late teens.
all of the above
The drive is definitely a problem, finding someone to keep up...ugh. This is sad, lol.

well it changes but how much you enjoy depends on one self! lol




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