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what kind of music are you playing whan you are having sex

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LOL! I usually can't hear the music above the screams. LOL!
"Who's your daddy" by Tobby Keith
"Fuck Her Gently" by Tenacious D

Okay, just kidding. Really, I don't care. The music isn't what's important.
One of my favorites is Enigma's 1st album. A combination of weather, medieval chanting and electric music. Best when heard loud with surround or headphones. Also Celine dion and rod stewart.
The Seduction by David Sanborn.
Slow Ride by Foghat

One of my favorites. Take me Down by Alabama. The music is a little faster then I like when screwing my man, but oh, the words. The words aren't as explcit, but they do the job.
This is all you need, folks. Putty in your hands... Perfect when reading my short erotica. Enjoy... oh, there's more than one song, and it will automatically go to the next song. Just hit the pause button if you get tired of it, but I am not sure our girls will want it to stop.;-) Again, Enjoy.




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