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This is right around the anniversary of Evis Presely's death. I thought it would be nice if we could make up a list of his songs.

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Don't Be Cruel.
1.Teddy Bear
That' Alright Momma, Jail House Rock, Heartbreak Hotel , Falling In Love With You, Viva Las Vegas, Hound Dog, .
In The Ghetto, While I Can Dream, Suspicious Minds, Steamroller Blues, Separate Ways, Way Down

Let's not forget he had a lot of hits during the fat, donut-eating years too.
Elvis, the best of them all !
suspicious minds, I love the horn parts!!!
How about naming his movies?? He made 31My favorite is: Fun in Acapulco
Thats a good idea....I will do it in another discussion...thanks for the idea congaman




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