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I just left the social site, EONS. I saw there was an Online Friends group there and joined. It has not been too busy, yet there are a few members here that are there also. Are there any other members from here who also belong to EONS?? Orintereted in joining?

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Yes I am a EONS member, Rctexas. Have not been there very much will have to change that!
yes i would like to join eons,sounds good,
I have this same group there, and am trying to make it more adult, more stimulating with the discussions. And I will be trying a few new things here.
I have a profile there but never use the site. I find it's not as user friendly as TBD is.
Same here Belle. I rarely go over there as I barely have time to play here and on FB.
Yup there are lots. Most are in teh Daily grind II
Just to let everyone know that eons is long gone. They disappeared, without notice, in May or June of 2012. There were a lot of unhappy people there, left in the lurch! It was a wonderful site, very easy to negotiate! There are lots of old eons friends here!

I'm a former eons group member and really miss it! 


I was rh296 on Eons




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