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I believe!

And all I've got to say is after watching that clip Zen provided----IMAX 3-D !!!

And maybe some smoke....
I'm hanging with you!
I always look for music from these 'quels'.

Resident Evil: Afterlife - Music from the Motion Picture (all by tomandandy)

No. Title Length
1. "Tokyo" 4:32
2. "Umbrella" 1:20
3. "Damage" 1:02
4. "Cutting" 1:12
5. "Twins" 1:47
6. "Exit" 0:47
7. "Far" 1:07
8. "Flying" 1:58
9. "Memory" 3:17
10. "Los Angeles" 2:09
11. "Binoculars" 2:53
12. "Prison" 1:58
13. "Discovery" 1:10
14. "Hatchet" 1:23
15. "AxeMan" 3:07
16. "Arcadia" 4:21
17. "Up" 1:39
18. "Party" 0:54
19. "Promise" 2:12
20. "Resident Evil Suite" 4:33

Tomandandy's movies credits include The Mothman Prophecies, The Strangers, Killing Zoe, The Hills Have Eyes (remake), etc., etc....

And, um...my top??

I saw this monster on Hulu too!!

I like the website Zenister!!!

Assassin, why not the ensemble? Just them?
Wesker first appearance merited a lot of clapping throughout. Everyone cheered at the end. So....
I’m going to review this movie as a stand alone film. Because it is no longer just an adaptation it’s the 4th installment of the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Story: It’s a sci fi action flick. There is some sense of horror in this one. There is a lot going on that will fill your appetite. At the core of the film, its a whole lot of action and its great and well done.
For the genre(B-). Its full of awesomeness.

Acting: Seems like Zombie flicks never have a good cast till Zombieland (and Shaun of the Dead as well) but those were comedies.
Milla Jovovich is a fun actress. Her character in the previous two films became dry and robot like. This was not her fault. The universe is restored with this film.
Ali Larter is gorgeous as ever, and more screen time together with Milla makes for some pleasant movie watching. Now comes the big 2.
Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield… I had doubts… but he is actually someone to like in this film. Drum role please.
Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker, this will be 80 percent of the reason the fans who loved the games but hated the movies will show up. Wesker is the main guy in the R.E. Universe. This actor (giant upgrade from the 3rd) makes Wesker cool. And I mean really cool. And I’m satisfied with that. I can’t think of anyone else being Wesker and Shawn Roberts made Wesker look pretty bad ass. Seriously... AWESOME
I don’t want to spoil anything so I will stop here on the cast. But you'll be happy with the supporting cast as well.
Cast: (B) I had to be objective.

Direction: Say what you will about Paul Anderson, I’ve read it all. Some hated MK, AVP, Deathrace, but most people I know loved them all. Including myself. There is no denying this man can direct exciting and wildly entertaining films and this may have been the best yet.
Director:(A) Seriously for the genre what could have been better?

Visuals: THIS MOVIE LOOKS AMAZING. And if you see it in 3D like I did watch it in the middle or close to the middle of the film to get maximum effect. This is a gorgeous film and I will own it on Blu Ray day it comes out. Simply beautiful. The CGI is top notch and the 3D just amplifies everything. Zombies? The make up this time around is fantastic!!!

Overall: You get everything and then some. Check it out, bring your friends and family. and its worth the extra 5 dollars for 3D.
I'm not going to spoil the movie for you either (RE4), but just know that the movie had a great direction and great visual effects. Some would say don't watch in 3D because of the extra fee, but I say go for it because things do come at you throughout the film.
The success of "Afterlife" all but guarantees that the "Resident Evil" franchise will soldier on. Indeed, Jovovich informed New York magazine that a fifth film will definitely be made, with plans to solicit story ideas from fans. It's going to be a more interactive process. So be checking Twitter!!!!
If you are a fan of trilogy, you shall not be disappointed. This movie completely lives up to it's expectations. Honestly I don't think 3D was necessary but still it was a great add on. They introduce a new star cast who were familiar from TV shows etc. and they also did a great job. Also don't storm out of theaters right after the credits, stay for few minutes and see a MAJOR clue. Milla Jovovich yet again surprises us with her charismatic hardcore action. I cannot imagine anyone else for the role of Alice besides her. Ali Larter didn't have a major role but she also kicked butt! And of course if you like Zombies (heart zoms!!!), this one has more than the previous parts.

Also a shout out to Assassin alerting us to the soundtrack of the movie it was breath-taking. They literally made my hair stand on end! I'm just not happy that it wasn't long enough. I was hoping for it to be at least 120mins but it was instead 90mins but I guess they are saving it for the next chapter. And yes I believe there will be a next one!
I think RE4 performed quite admirably, as we saw with the SAW franchise, even the once very popular movies can just crash at one point. I think nothing in the top 10 was surprising.




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