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So many movies, so little time!
Now that the weather is cooling down, more and more people are heading out to the movies and DVD rentals are on the rise.
What are you planning on seeing, either at the theater or on DVD?

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Wow! I'm a huge Bruce Willis fan, so Surrogates is for me tonight! As far as rentals, this weekend I've rented State of Play and Duplicity.
Not sure of any rentals...
I'm going to break out few classic horror movies (The Shining, The Exorcist) and some monster movies (Jaws, The Thing)-and snuggle up with my sweetheart, sipping on cordials and snacking on finger foods. :)
Run Fat Boy Run was good!
I love anything with Simon Pegg in it!!!!!
Sounds romantic there Max!!! Dude, I've got to see Pandorum! Even if I have to go by myself! But I hope my honey doesn't chicken out!!!
I've got to get out of the house, but it's me and my sister and we don't like going to scary movies without some guys with us. Even my oldest son is good enough for me. But when that's not possible, my sister and I wimp out so we will be going to see The Informant!




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