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Ok. Lots for sale? How many acres are we talking about? I was leaving our Pocono, Pa. development this past Labor Day weekend after 2 days and nights away from our NY home with my wife. So I see this sign driving past a home that reads "Lots For Sale". I tell my wife that the person must be selling land but she says that they must be selling items. Now, the sign did not  say "A lot for sale" Am I interpreting this wrong. ?
I've seen yard sales but it's true those folks are not selling their yards. and a garage sale but these sellers are not selling their garages ,especially if they are part of their homes. A  red tag sale?? Is anyone selling red tags? possibly but unlikely... but a lot for sale? a lot of what? Well this almost turned into an argument with my wife who is the kind of person who is never wrong even when she is wrong. Well,our next trip in about a month,I'll check this out when I have a lot more time...until then a lot is on my mind.

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