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I'm assuming a weekend, but any preferences? The 4th and 5th? 11th and 12th? 18th and 19th? Or 25th and 26th? My birthday is the 11th, but I plan on celebrating the whole month, so it doesn't matter to me.

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Hey, Goofy! L@@k at the "Invitation" on the front page.

....Larry's not w/him, so I don't THINK he's drinking too much.

....must be the shades on the butt, instead of in front of his eyes. That Florida sun has gotten to him.


....okay, okay, if you wanna keep the date open, just let me know when y'all have decided on something. '-)

Whoops! Sorry Deez, I guess I was too excited to read the fine print.
lol! There's not really any fine print, Teebs. We can do WHATever we want w/this Meetup!
We're up to 15 members.

And counting, Robbie!!!


To answer your question, TBub, any time is good for Lar and I... Just name the date and we'll be there... :)


Deez has already decided on the 10th, 11th, and 12th. Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!!!!!
Now up to 17 members. I guess I could park my RV in your Drive way and make room for about three or four of the women.
Do you have a spa tub?
I need a long soak after a flight.

Robbie, I just wanna know if you're are gonna tell those women about the hidden cameras. Sandwich dance in Pitt??? Pffffttt! That ain't nothing compared to what I've seen on RobbiePorn.com.



I see that we have been joined by akaboukowski. I hope Kat can control her. Do you have a backup security plan?




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