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Any ideas about what you wanna do while you are here? I'm would really like to have a lunch or dinner here at my place. I guess it would really depend on how many people show though. I have a kitchen table, and a dining room table that I think we could seat at least 10, and probably 12.(eating at couches and coffee tables would add another 4, and for the adventurous that can eat off their lap, probably another 4 or 5.  And if the weather cooperates I could seat at least another 10 or 12 outside. 

Let us know what you would like to do while here. (other than going to the nude beach, Deez didn't think that was a good idea)

There is a local strip club (and I'm NOT KIDDING, the name is MY ATLANTIS) that has a free buffet from 12 to 3 if you are into cocktail weenies wrapped in crescent rolls. Yum!!

Just let us know what ya wanna do in Fl in Feb!!!

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You rawk, Robbie, thanks! I just sent you a PM asking about that, so please disregard it.

Teebs, do you have Laurie & Ramone's permission for us to borrow their bikes?

(Someone asked me that today & I didn't have an answer for her ;-p)

and btw, Robbie, it's only 2 bikes.

Yes d's, You guys can borrow the bikes. 

yay! I'm really looking forward to riding on the Pinellas Trail! It will be the beginning of my training for the Tour de Cure ride again this May. Some of you may remember that I rode it last year. Until January of last year I hadn't ridden a bike since I was about 14 yrs old. And then I made the 10 mile Tour de Cure ride as a fund raiser for the American Diabetes Association. A 10 mile ride is a warm up for Ducatiman, but for me it's a feat! I will love starting my training down there at our meetup. :-)

Robbie, I cannot beLIEVE that you outed Hand & Foot as an old folks' game!!

I have an oh-so-hot, super cool reputation to uphold & you are blowing it for me.

I have never even heard of Hand & Foot! I'm really bad at card games because I can never remember to count the cards. 

I don't count cards, Rita. I'm not good at games, but I enjoy them.

Carol and I will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express Thurs night until Sunday morning. Looks like it's right next door to Carraba's. I can get drunk.


Well, THAT's convenient- good job! Does your room have 2 beds? Just wondering in case Ducatiman & I get drunk, maybe you'd let us crash at your place. Dee's already threatened to crash our place, b/c it's on the beach.

Good thing I can't drink too much these days or we'd be having a group sleepover at the HI Express!

Damn, Am I going to have to stay sober and drive everybody else around. Reminds me of the Kansas City Meet up where we commandeered taxi cabs to take us all the way across town to the Karoke bar and back. One of the taxi drivers protested all the way that he was not allowed to take more than 4 passengers. But we 5 got in and Masterful Tapestry apologized all the way.

Just made the situation worse. But when we handed the driver the money, after not being stopped by the police, everything turned out well.  

Do yo mean there is no such thing as too much?


Good point, Robbie.

And I was going to ask why a group sleepover at the HI Express wouldn't be a good thing. '-)

(Rita's not as fresh as we are) (or maybe she is, but she's playing coy b/c she doesn't know us well yet '-)




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