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I checked on 2 different taxis. Seems the going rate is $2, plus $2 per mile, with a $10 minimum. There is a transport shuttle bus from the Tampa International, and also from the St Pete air port, but it is $20, Robbie has said he could help by picking people up at the airport, and I can also help in that area.

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The Hampton Inn has a free shuttle from the airport if you're staying at the hotel.
Cool!!! That was something I didn't know about.

Excellent - thanks Quinn!

I just posted an idea on another thread here that maybe we can coordinate some of our arrival/departure times & if Robbie or Teebs are making an airport run we can be clustered to arrive/depart so that we could ride together. Besides - if you're traveling through the SE, you're likely to have a layover in Atlanta, so maybe we could even coordinate FLIGHTS - wow! hahaha I'm just imagining a flight w/a few of us on it. I hope we could MAKE it to Tampa w/out having the flight diverted!

For those looking to rent a car, you might want to check this. It seems to be more reasonable than the major chains. 






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