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Here is a link to local hotels. 



I only checked a couple, Holiday Inn Express, and Hampton Inn. Mainly because both of these are about 1/2 way between my house and the beach. (probably a little closer to the beach) I figure they are both approx. 5 miles from my place. The prices in Feb. are kinda steep, because it is in the middle of tourist season. The Hampton is $118 a night, and the Holiday Inn varies from $106 to $110, but if you book early you get a 20% discount. You may want to check out the amenities of both, or check out other hotels on the list.

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Oh, almost forgot. If people want to crash here, that's fine with me. I have a spare bedroom with a twin bed. I also have 2 couches and a chaise lounge for anybody that wants to rough it a little. So, I can probably sleep 5 , but one of those spots is kinda reserved. I know Pru is no longer a member, but she is one of my oldest TBD friends, and I have told her if she wants to come, she can stay here. I don't know if she is coming, and probably won't until much closer to Feb. but will keep everybody posted. So if there is anybody that wants to stay here, let me know. If you prefer a hotel, that's fine, I won't be insulted if you prefer a little more privacy or comfort. 


yeah, it's more about your privacy & comfort. d-man & I are quite loud.


oops... did I type that out loud? '-)

I believe you did.
Hampton Inn seems to suit my needs better...
Hi Quinn, Both of them are rated very well. It just depends on your finances and what amenities you like. I am going to try to check out some more reasonable prices in the next couple of days for TBD'ers that are on a budget. (think motels) And for the ones that can afford it, there are TONS of Hotels, motels, and cottages on the beach. Indian Rocks is probably the closest to me, but there is also Indian Shores, Clearwater Beach, Redington Beach, Maderia Beach, and the list gos on.

Repeating here what Quinn posted under transportation.


The Hampton Inn has a free shuttle from the airport if you're staying at the hotel.

Ya know...I'm kind of liking the condo and/or cottage idea.

I took a quick look, we could rent a place that sleeps 4-6 comfortably. If we shared, we could reduce our housing cost, and an even bigger plus...We could use it as a meeting/hangout/drinking/eating/havingtoomuchfun place :-)



I'm lovin' that idea, Quinn!! And the more the merrier! ...heading to Craigslist for a quick look.

Hey, I thought my place was gonna be the meeting/hangout/drinking/eating/havingtoomuchfun /orgy place. Not to worry, I'm wanna go with the flow. All I want is for people to come away from this with fond memories, no matter what venue. Like my motto says...

Peace, Love, and Monster Hugs!!

Well, ACTUALLY.... I was thinking you'd offered your place to a few people & then Robbie can camp out in his RV in your driveway & Ducatiman & I can throw a tent in your backyard. Who needs a hotel or condo?!?

What ever trips your trigger Sweetie. Like i said, I just want people to come here and leave with some great memories. I don't give a crap if it is in a condo, or my back yard.

(OK, I gotta admit, I was thinkin about some surveillance cams)





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