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~Teeb's Birthday February Largo Meetup~


I'm on the Guest List!




Option #1- Absolutely-Positively-YES!! '-)

Option #2- I Dunno.... maybe ?

Option #3- Not a chance in Hades!! :-(



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Me, too, Robbie & tell Happy I can't wait to meet him, either! '-)

I need to work on Carol w/you & call Rita. I'll do that this morning.

We're getting closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know!!!! I'm getting really excited! "-D




...hey, Teebs-




...see ya 2 weeks from tomorrow! 


Carol and I decided this morning that we can do this. I need to get brakes put on the car some time this week. We plan on arriving Thur night the 9th. We're really looking forward to this.

L and C,

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!!! I'm on my way. I'm currently in Summerdale , Al. Should be at Bushnell, FL Tue. Having trouble with the Wipers on the RV so, trying to run in front of the rain forcast. I know a dealer in Clearwater who can fix it, I hope. See you in Largo.

Great news, Kremises! That makes a dirty dozen! '-)

I'm in Bushnell, FL. Drove down to Clearwater to the Rv Service shop today. In the Jeep, not the RV.

Since the company that manufactored the RV went bankrupt and is now out of business, finding parts may be a problem.So I may be here a while. Called TeeBub today an let him know what is going on. I will probably accept a job here as workkamper for March and April. So, may not make it to the Keys this year. I'll be at the birthday bash though.  

Doin' the Happy Dance!!

Got an all wheel alignment on the car, tires balanced and rotated, new brakes and rotors on the front. We're ready to head out Wed morning. We'll overnight in Charlotte and visit with Sandra and plan on arriving Largo Thur night. Really looking forward to it.

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!

Me three!!!!!!




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