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~Teeb's Birthday February Largo Meetup~


I'm on the Guest List!




Option #1- Absolutely-Positively-YES!! '-)

Option #2- I Dunno.... maybe ?

Option #3- Not a chance in Hades!! :-(



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I normally don't answer my cell phone while driving. Not because it's against the law. But because usually I don't hear it ring. Well today, after driving all morning, I heard it ring! I was at a rest stop;  in the Men's room. NO! I had already finished that. And washed my hands.

I was in the lobby.

It was that velcro shoe wearing guy. After listening to his heatbreaking story, I agreed that if they come but can't afford a place to sleep, I'll let Happy stay with them in their car to help keep them warm.  So, now they have no excuse. Problem solved.

I'm still working on Prue. Told her to pack her bag and sit it by the door. Makes last minute decisions easier.

Anybody else having a problem? Want me to help solve it?

Well, I'm going to need a dog fix while we're there. Can Happy split his time b/t me & Ducatiman & the Kittycats?

We could use your problem solving expertise in Washington.

We're going to give it our best shot Bubba. We really are.


Got my fingers, toes, legs, and eyes crossed.

Be careful, Teebs. They're likely to get stuck that way.

NOW you tell me!


Hiya, gang!

I'm ready to take on my role as "Organizer" & begin firming up some of the details of our meetup!

I believe the confirmed list of meet-up-ees is as follows:

TeeBubbaDee & Mrs. Dee

Ducatiman & his girl '-)

Rita DiTriolo & friend

Robbie & Happy

Scott & Friend

Please let me know if there are any adds, changes, cancellations.

I want to begin a group e-mail correspondence to discuss when folks are arriving/departing, where folks are staying, plan for getting together, etc. Things that I'm not comfortable putting here, in a forum that has public access. So as soon as I figure out how to send a Ning email to multiple people you'll be hearing from me! ;-p

I talked to Larry Kremis last night. He said there's a 50/50 shot of them coming. he said that they would probably make the decision some time next week, so I got my fingers crossed.  l also called Pru, and she said there just isn't any way she can come. (bummer) But she did say "maybe next year". Who knows maybe this could turn into an annual event.

Well, I moved up to Livingston today. It's a start!! I'll be here until Fri at least. Then on to Lousyanna, Aleybama and Tampa. Hope to arrive in the Tampa area around the 6th. Happy is looking forward to seeing Tee and Dee again and can't wait to meet d's. I was disapointed that Pru can't make it, but she has some serious comittments. I need to call Larry and Carole and make them an offer. Starting to get more and more excited.




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