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It's a little over three months away. Have you started your count down yet? Don't want to peak before the first week of Feb. but you might need to start thinking about putting it on your calendar. Maybe start thinking about when you will head that way. What mode of transportation you will use. Buying lottery tickets in order to win enough money to make the trip. Excuses for skipping the rent that month. Who's car you will borrow. What christmas gift to ask your family for this year, that you could regift to TeeBub. How long you will need to use his extra bedroom before you head back North?  So many questions, so little time.

This is the place to ask questions and share plans about how to milk this for all it's worth.

After all it's a winter vacation in Florida. And it probably won't frost while you are in Largo.

If you are from Canada you may want to bring a bathing suit.

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I just looked up the 10 day weather forecast. 

Partly cloudy Friday & Monday; showers Saturday; cloudy Sunday.

Of course this could change a half dozen times before the time arrives.

The best news: lows in the mid 50s, highs in the low-mid 70s.


Hey, guys -- get your @sses over to the "What Do You Guys Want to Do?" thread

& write something! '-)

5 days. times getting short.

woohoo - 4 days & COUNTING!

see ya in a minute, Robbie. '-)

Down to three(3).

Happy t-3 Teebs!

Actually only 2 days 'til I see you folks, but 3 days til the bub's b'day.



Me, too!!!!! We are packed & all that's left is a good night's sleep & getting up & driving to the airport tomorrow!


I'm READY!!!

Happy Birthday! (Click Me)




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