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It's a little over three months away. Have you started your count down yet? Don't want to peak before the first week of Feb. but you might need to start thinking about putting it on your calendar. Maybe start thinking about when you will head that way. What mode of transportation you will use. Buying lottery tickets in order to win enough money to make the trip. Excuses for skipping the rent that month. Who's car you will borrow. What christmas gift to ask your family for this year, that you could regift to TeeBub. How long you will need to use his extra bedroom before you head back North?  So many questions, so little time.

This is the place to ask questions and share plans about how to milk this for all it's worth.

After all it's a winter vacation in Florida. And it probably won't frost while you are in Largo.

If you are from Canada you may want to bring a bathing suit.

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I'm hoping this will be a great time for all. 

PS. No gifts are needed, just the idea of you guys showing up is enough.

PSS. No cake either, I prefer pie.

PSSS. NO I didn't mean you should bring pie!!!!! Just bring yourselves.

PSSSS. If you plan on swimming in the chilly ocean, bathing suits would be appropriate. If you plan on swimming in my chilly pool, bathing suits are optional. 

I really doubt that there is anything that would induce me to jump into an outdoor pool in Feb., even in FL. 50 years ago?

13 weeks--- and counting.

I just found out that I share my birthday with Jennifer Aniston, Sheryl Crow, Burt Reynolds, Tina Loise, Eva Gabor, Max Baer, Thomas Edison, and...







Sarah Palin. Crap, I was on a roll there till the end.

I think we should invite them all. Well, maybe not the dead ones, or Sarah.

I would invite the dead ones before Sarah.



I never know whether to post the Feb Meetup stuff here or in the group.

I guess I'll copy & paste this & post on both.


Checking flights.... they're getting better!

I'm going to sandbag for a bit longer, but I've found current flights for $124 going down/$59 return.

$183 round trip is NOT bad! Yay! '-)


Stating in Jan we'll just post it everywhere. (:>)


Checked airfares again today -- AND BOOKED 'EM!!!!


Got great fares - $59/each way! Imagine that?!?


Just call me P.A. Extraordinaire. '-)


So, Ducatiman & I are booked! Flying in on Friday, 2/10/12 & staying until Monday. Yippppeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Way Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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