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I am posting this information here today in support of this petition

that has been submitted on another site by a lady called Teresa

who is is a registered member and sponsor for the protection of wolves.

Wolf OR16

Below please find the Link that will shed more light on this matter,

together with the petition for those who may be interested.


Note: Please let me know if you have any difficulty 

with viewing the page, thanks.

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"Whew"  thanks Kooner.

Never, never EVER sign a petition......never.  I signed a petition once to demonstrate my feelings about the treatment of sea lions.  This was YEARS ago and the International Humane Society bugs me weekly for money.  They won't stop.

Okee dokee Kooner......you seem to know it all.  Tell us more of your wisdom.

I really don't think it's just signing a petition that gets you eternally on certain mailing lists.  I've never ever signed a petition for or given a dime to the Paralyzed Vets of America--it's a good org. as far as I know, just haven't been able to afford to donate to 'em--and I think I'm gonna keep getting stuff from them 'till the day I die.  It's just the way it is with certain organizations, I think; they never give up.  And as to how they get your name if you've never donated or signed a petition?  A lot of these outfits sell mailing lists to each other.

"The world suffers a lot. Not
because of the violence of bad
people, But because of the silence
of good people!"

I sign a lot of petitions. And yes, sometimes, they turn into "give us money". And yes, sometimes I scroll down to the bottom and "unsubscribe" to many. But I believe in the petitions I sign. I like to express my opinions, no matter how small, or how large the petition ends up. Some times I don't have enough info to make a call, and I pass. But if you want to have a voice on about a gazillion different positions, visit...


PS, officerripley, if you contact the Paralyzed Vets of America, I'm pretty sure they will stop contacting you. If you make it clear to them that you cannot donate, they will quit because it costs them every time they reach out to you. 




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